What exactly am I purchasing? 

In short, vacation planning consultation(s) with me.  The packages offered range from a simple one hour consultation to highly-personalized, moment-by-moment planning, up to in-person tour guide services.  The cost of hotels, tickets, and meals are not included,


What does the process look like? 

When you select and pay for your package, you will be prompted to complete a form.  Here you will list your 3 best dates and times for consultations as well as your preference for Skype or Google Hangouts.  After your order and payment are complete I will receive your form and email you with the date and time of your consultation.  Once that is established, I will call you via Skype or Google Hangouts at the time of your consultation.  From there we can begin planning a magical vacation for you and your family.


How will the consultations take place? 

I find conversations are easiest and most comfortable when they are face to face.  Google Hangouts are common, simple forms of video chatting since no account is required, thereby making it easier for us to get down to business.  If you prefer Skype or prefer a different method of communication please email me at info@rachelsroyalconcierge.com and I will gladly accommodate.


Why should I choose Rachel's Royal Concierge? 

With my firsthand knowledge and expertise, I can remove some of the stress of planning a Disney vacation and give your family the confidence to have a magical experience that will last a lifetime.


Other inquiries?

If you have any questions or want to discuss which package would be right for you please email me at info@rachelsroyalconcierge.com